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Experienced, Comprehensive Billing & Collections for PT's and OT's



Rehab Billing Specialists focuses 100% of its time helping PT's and OT's increase collections and improve their bottom line.  That is our specialty.  

We understand the multitude of challenges private practice owners and therapists face in this rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Using proven A/R and internal control processes, RBS will insure that your:

* Daily charges and receipts are captured;

* Claims are scrubbed and filed promptly;

* Rejected claims are corrected and promptly re-filed;

* Denials are worked aggressively, and

* Practice A/R is reconciled against cash on a monthly basis.

Our team of medical practice and A/R management specialists, certified coders, certified insurance specialists, and collection specialists that have extensive training and knowledge in Medicare Part B, workers’ compensation, commercial, managed care, health maintenance organization (HMO) and third party liability coding, billing and documentation requirements for outpatient therapy and rehabilitation. 

Treat. Document. Collect.


We've combined the Outpatient Therapy industry's fastest, most flexible EMR with the scheduling and billing power of Medisoft (R) and the No. 1 rated Clearinghouse in the business.  It's a powerful end-to-end solution that delivers unparalleled results!

From Scheduling to Collections:  A Complete Solution 

Our clients consistently come to us with one goal: They want to treat their patients and eliminate the billing & collections headaches.

That's exactly what we deliver!

  • SCHEDULING- Utilizing Office Hours (TM) scheduling software, your clinic's appointment schedule integrates with your documentation and billing applications.
  • DOCUMENTATION- The industry's fastest, most Therapist-friendly EMR  Therapy Reports Pro provides totally customizable documentation templates with reports that are clear and concise. 
  • BILLING & COLLECTIONS- Medisoft from eMDs is integrated with Office Hours scheduling and Therapy Reports Pro to provide a seamless, proven, and trusted practice management solution.
  • ELECTRONIC CLAIMS SUBMISSION- Our 15-year relationship with award-winning clearinghouse Navicure simplifies the healthcare revenue cycle with innovative technology that allows our clients to collect more with less cost and less stress.

Services We Offer



*Full Service Billing and Collections

*New Practice Inceptions

* Provider Credentialing

* Insurance Request for Prompt Payment Form Letter

* Insurance Request for Re-determination Form Letter

* State Department of Insurance Complaint Form

* Workers’ Compensation 1008 Complaint Form

* Medicare Part B PM&R Local Coverage Determination Policy

* Customized Patient Collection Packet (i.e., statement stickers,  payment coupons, collection letters/notification of past due or  delinquent  account balances, etc.)

* Review of Fee Schedule/Recommendations Based on RBRVS 

* Attorney and Third Party Liability Letters of Lien 

* Informed Consents and Medical Authorization Releases


Lafayette, LA Physical Therapy Clinic


"We rely heavily on their medical billing knowledge and experience.  They get our claims in quickly and are always there to answer any questions we may have on the front end to get patients set up correctly."

New Orleans, LA PT/OT/Speech Clinic


"RBS has been with us from the start. We enjoy super accurate billing and claim resolution. We couldn't have done it on our own."

Ruston, LA PT/OT/Speech Clinic


"RBS helped us tremendously.  Everyone  is responsive, involved and takes responsibility for our billing. What comes across is that they care about us, and the results show it."

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Rehab Billing Specialists LLC

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